About Project

The projectGeorgian, Persian and Ottoman illuminated historical documents in Georgian Depositories of Georgia”,  funded and supported by the Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation (2009-2011), is implemented by specialists of the National Centre of Manuscripts and Tbilisi State University, Institute of Art History and Theory:

Darejan Kldiashvili -  Research Director of the project, National Centre of Manuscripts;

Tsisana Abuladze - National Centre of Manuscripts;

Tamar Abuladze  - National Centre of Manuscripts;

Irina Koshoridze - Tbilisi State University.

Zaza Skhirtladze - Tbilisi State University; 

The Project was preliminarily presented at the Fourth International Conference of the Islamic Manuscript Association (TIMA) at Queens' College, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, 6th-9th July, 2008:


In 28 January, 2011 a conference „Georgia, Persian and Ottoman Illuminated Documents from Depositories of Georgia (Results of Project Implementation)“ was held at the National Centre of Manuscripts.

The book entatled „Illuminated historical documents in the Depositories of Georgia”, edited by Darejan Kldiashvili  (Tbilisi, 2011, 282 pp., 24 color pl. ill.), was published.